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2015年1月 4日 (日)

XPS 13 ridiculous noise from CPU cooling fan fixed

I got my XPS 13 a year ago as a refurbished. And it had a ridiculous noise from day 1. After a quick internet search, I found many people having the same issue.

But, there seems to be no solutions for this.

At first, it looked like a CPU cooling fan issue. Maybe the unit is bad or old or too cheap. So, I called up the support and eventually DELL sent a new CPU cooling fan to a nearest service contractor and the guy there installed it right in front of me.

He used DELL diagnostics tool (F12 at boot) to check if the fan is okay after replacing it with the new one. According to him, the fan should turn at the full speed in the diagnostics tool. And, the new unit actually did not make that annoying noise in this test.

So, I went home happily but soon the same noise came back again. Something was totally wrong.

I decided to open up the XPS myself following the youtube video below:

And, I used DELL diagnostics tool again to confirm that noise is not bad if the back lid is opened.

And, then I put the lid back and started running many applications to heat up the CPU. This time, I noticed that the noise is more likely to come when I press the back lid near the fan. In the past, I had the noise without touching the back lid at all. So, it sounds bit weird. There is something fishy here... So, it may involve something unstable or something....

Then I opened up the back cover again and saw this:


You see? A sticker is coming off from the back cover near the CPU cooler! In fact, when you put back the back cover, that stick would come right above the CPU cooling fan!!

Ridiculous design, DELL!

Is this just for my unit??? NO!


Here's another example from the youtube video above. See? It's the same location...

Really bad design....

Basically, after I removed that stupid sticker, the noise went away completely.

How to fix

So, basically you will need the T4 torx screwdriver to open up the back cover.

Then find the sticker on the back cover near the CPU cooling unit and remove it.

That's it! Enjoy your now awesome DELL XPS 13!!!

« Dell XPS 13 (L322X)のCPUファンが異常にうるさい件が解決。 | トップページ | 2015年バージョンのDell XPS 13はかなりコンパクト »









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