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2015年7月30日 (木)

Windows -> systemd -> MongoDB -> Sharepoint -> ActiveX

本家SlashdotでのスレWindows 10 Launchesについたコメントが面白かったので紹介。

Microsoft has seriously dropped the ball with Windows 10. I LIKED METRO! Why did they get rid of my metro? When I was growing up I watched Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and they didn't use a start menu, they used metro. Microsoft continues to alienate their users.

No, the only way to save Windows is to port systemd to it. On Linux, systemd brought a new era of stability and always-on availability to servers globally. Before systemd, I didn't even like Linux. I can say it kind of sucked, I tried to run Aliens: Colonial Marines on my Ubuntu netbook and I couldn't get the setup.exe to open. What kind of shitty os can't run an EXE? DOS can run an EXE!

Also the lack of an update manager for NVIDIA really screwed me over. Apparantly, it's all updated by the package manager (I read this on stack overflow) but I want my NVIDIA Experience app! It tells me when the latest game ready driver is available so I get max FPS.

Anyway, Linux SJWs can keep their bullshit, except for systemd which I like. I think systemd would make Windows a more secure and robust OS. I bet you could write an antivirus that uses systemd, that would be really cool!

I was reading about this new systemd - MongoDB cloud I want to use on our webserver (I am the project manager for a web app. I get to decide what we use and I always make good choices). We currently have this MS SQL 2014 database on Dropbox or something, I want to change that to leverage systemd.

We upgraded to VS 2015 but resharper crashes a lot, so we're considering sticking with 2012. I think we can make this work with systemd. This one dude uses a Mac and he says systemd is bad, but he uses a Mac so I don't care. I tried to run MyCleanPC on a Mac once and it didn't work, so I stopped using Mac.

We hired this new old chick (she's a grandma or something) I might fire soon. She wants to use F# for new development, saying it's a more modern language than Visual Basic. If she keeps her zealotry up I'll have no choice but to fire her (If you're reading this Linda, you know who you are). She's also one of those Slashdot SJWs so I hate her by default anyway. I just need a good reason or the government might come after me.

systemd is the future. The Linux SJWs just haven't seen the light yet. I can see the stack in my head: Windows -> systemd -> MongoDB -> Sharepoint -> ActiveX plugin on client site. I've made my career out of making these choices. I fired a guy last week who said ActiveX should not be used in new development, but I disagree. ActiveX keeps those Linux SJWs from using my site.

I saved us a ton of money by recommending we use Windows 8 (not 8.1 because our hardware doesn't support it) for the web server instead of Windows Server 2012. I don't think there's a stability difference, and I don't want to have to spend that much.

Another thing! I have this EXE I run that automatically sets up telnet on my machine so I can remote in from anywhere. It's how I work from home. I tried running it on my Ubuntu netbook and it didn't work. So how am I supposed to enable telnet on Linux? I don't know that it's even possible! Linux SJWs won't admit these shortcomings.

Anyway, I want you guys to know that Windows 10 needs native systemd so we can web scale our cloud apps.

Windows 10の発売ということで始まったスレなのに最初の段落でちょっとWindows 10の話をしたらあとはだらだらsystemdのほめ殺しというか、ねじの外れちゃった人のフリして、世間の評判の真逆をいく逆張りの帝王みたいな、筋の悪すぎる話を延々とするんだけど、こんな人は実際には存在するはずがないわるい冗談だというのはわかっていても、妙なリアル感が漂う。部分的にはあの人に似てるとか、いろいろと想像してしまうと妙に面白い。しかし、こんな長文をよくかくなぁ。こぴぺをちょっと編集したものなのかもしれない。


Windows -> systemd -> MongoDB -> Sharepoint -> ActiveX のくだりとかはものすごい。腹筋に候。

SJWsってのはおそらくSocial Justice Warriorのことかと思われ。インターネット上での議論で人気取りのために、社会的に正しいとおもわれることを主張するような人物のことらしい。その場で一番影響力のある人物のいったことを繰り返したり、よくわかってないで発言しているので、浅はかな考えを強弁するなどの特徴があるのだそうな。

似たようなので、最近、evangelist エヴァンゲリスト、エヴァンジェリストとかいう単語を知った。MicrosoftのTechnology evangelistとか、雇用されて会社に関係する技術・ソフトなどを普及するような広報と技術サポートが一体になったような人らしい。

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